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Violin Concerto Op.14
BBC Concert Orchestra
Lorrain McAslan, vln/Barry Wordsworth
(Dutton CDLX 7245)
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Allegro Risoluto
for string orchestra Op19

BBC Concert Orchestra /Paul Murphy
(Dutton CDLX 7246)
Cuban Dance No.2
for violin and piano
Tasmin Little/John Lenehan;
(Tchaikovskiana on EMI)
Sample from Cuban Dance No.2
Two Nocturnes for strings
Royal Ballet Sinfonia/Gavin Sutherland;
(English String Miniatures 6 on NAXOS)
Sample from Cuban Dance No.2
Molto Lento
Sample from Cuban Danve No.2
Mesto Seper
Lionel Sainsbury
Piano Music

played by the composer:

Twelve Preludes; Cuban Fantasy; Nocturne; Andalusian Fantasy; South American Suite.
To order Lionel Sainsbury's piano music CD - see:
12 Preludes
TWELVE PRELUDES - PLEASE CLICK on NUMBERS. All Preludes, apart from No.2 are sound samplers of between 20 - 60 seconds long.
South American Suite
Seven Samples from the South American Suite
Passeio (Portuguese for a promenade or stroll)
Saudade (a word implying a sense of nostalgia or yearning)
Canção (song)
Recuerdos de España
Escuridão (darkness)

Cuban Dance No.2 for strings
Royal Ballet Sinfonia/Paul Murphy;
(British Light Movies Premieres Vol.4 on Dutton Digital)
Sample from Cuban Dance No.2
"beautifully played and recorded... perhaps most immediately appealing of all is Lionel Sainsbury's Cuban Dance No.2. Its very real appeal has already been demonstrated by being taken up as an encore piece by Tasmin Little." - Andrew Lamb, Gramophone, November 2007


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