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Dutton Vocalion website
Lorraine McAslan
Craig Ogden - Guitar
Barry Wordsworth - Conductor
Paul Murphy - Conductor
Adrian Lucas - Conductor
Akira Eguchi - Pianist
Alban Gerhardt - Cellist
Dean & Chadlington Summer Music Festival
Matthew Rickard - Accompanist - Organist -  Teacher
Francis Pott - Composer and Pianist
Gerald Place - Photographer
Jack Gibbons - Pianist and Composer
Rupert Luck, violinist
Musis and Vision Daily
Wikipedia Page
Patric Standford - Composer
William Boughton - Conductor
Piers Lane, pianist
Tasmin Little, violinist
The Three Choirs Festival website
Clarinettist Anna Hashimoto
Mark Bebbington - website
Clara Rodriguez
Adrian Lucas
English Music Festival
Parma Recordings
David Wordsworth and Janet Obi-Keller
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